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    We, the Nagesh Karajagi Orchid School have owned an awe-inspiring logo which gives a picture of multiple symbols taken in it. The logo is designed to reflect the purpose for which our school is created, i.e to bring about the physical, mental and moral development of each student.

    The entire oval portion depicts the whole universe, represents the divine love and blessings of the creator, supported and nurtured by the members of our school. It also means to love and serve all creation, including all human beings, living creatures and our planet. The flame of wisdom which means knowledge dispels darkness and ignorance. The rays spread by it signifies that, it brings about illusion, enlightenment that spreads light everywhere vanishing the darkness of illiteracy, unawareness. Three children with three colours denote our Indian tri colours- Saffron embodies courage, sacrifice, and the spirit of renunciation (surrender). White symbolizes unity, purity and peace; it is the light, the path of truth to guide our conduct. Green represents fertility and prosperity of the land. Three children are uplifting the opened book for spreading knowledge universally which makes every man liberal and also denotes motion… represents the dynamism of a peaceful change and it also symbolizes to give children an education system which offers them opportunities to learn, grow and evolve, not because it is mandatory, but because we are born to grow and evolve-mentally, intellectually and consciously.

    Our slogan Vande Mataram at the base conveys tribute, not only to mother India - but also to the entire epitome of motherhood i.e. our mother earth, a river, the Go-Mata. Tulsi, a sacred medicinal plant, money which is articulated as Goddess Laxmi, even knowledge which is described as Vidya. Even the divine, creative power Shakti or Energy conceiving the whole universe in it. Vande Mataram is a salute to these feminine powers that have the innate quality of motherhood being warm and tender, strong and protective, and a strict disciplinarian.

    May all our children be able to sow seeds of change through the power of motherhood.

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